Have you noticed the economical roller coaster over the last year?  One day everything seems great, the next the end is coming.  I am always amazed at how people can change their mind so rapidly from one day to the next.  Sure, the news and pundits have something to do with it, but the reality is that there is no better time of opportunity...Whether is is real estate investing, stock investing, starting a new business, an online business, etc., right now is your time.

Many people create their wealth during "down times" and one does not have to look far for examples.  Package delivery companies (FedEx), internet and software companies (Microsoft and HP), restaurant chains (Burger King), and many other household names were created in what some "thought" were dark economic times.

No here is the thing, I do not want to discount the fact that we do live in some fragile times, look at the European debt crisis and the fact that the US has piled on major debt.  There will be reprecussions at some point from all of this and companies, individuals, and yes, maybe some countries will go through some tough tests, but...it if is going to happen, it needs to. 

We cannot continue to prop things us with debt and the reset will need to happen if we keep on this pace.

The point I want to make to you is simply this...Focus on what you can control.  If you think things are bad, they are going to be bad.  Control your mind and your emotions first and then look for opportunites.  Be prepared for anything.  As stated above, many great companies and fortunes were created in times just like today.  In the end, the world will go on, we (as in you, me, and other Fast Trackers) will adapt, and if we keep our eyes peeled for opportunies and capitalize on them, we will be able to control our future no matter what happens.

Have a great 4th of July and celebrate the independence that we have to go out and make our dreams a reality!